Arts. Technology. Science. Let’s INSPIRE at smallCon! 

That’s a wrap on 2017!

Thank you to all our passionate participants at smallCon this year. You made this endeavor worthwhile and we will definitely be back for 2018 with more content, workshops, and guests to talk with about STEAM.

Thank you to our Sponsors once again for supporting smallCon!

Interested in being part of 2018? Email us at

Till next time!

<3 smallCon Team

smallCon 2017 Sponsors

smallCon is a one day convention on September 9th, 2017, that works towards celebrating, inspiring, and supporting women and girls in activities such as writing, robotics, costuming, crafting, design, arts, gaming, animation, technology, engineering, science, mathematics, and other forms of traditional and popular endeavors.

Participation at smallCon comes in many forms!


Host a panel and share your experiences working in your industry, including upcoming trends in your area and any advice you’d like to give women in art, gaming, engineering, and other fields. Individuals may propose ideas for one smallCon’s focus categories and we will facilitate organizing individuals together for a panel or discussion.


Demonstrate what you do, introduce a product, perform, or teach attendees (kids & adults!) in short sessions relating to one of smallCon’s focus categories.


Do you craft, paint, drag, produce videos, develop games, animate, or have another activity or product to sell? The Exhibition Hallway is a place where you can display products and services alike to an audience interested in what you do.


Come to smallCon and learn about the many fun and complex activities available in the science, technology, and art fields. It’s a wide range of information to cover, and at smallCon we believe that the more variety we have, the more there is for attendees to learn and take away with them, fostering ideas and empowering growth in these fields in the future.

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