Board of Directors


Danita Rambo

Danita Rambo

Danita Rambo is a Technology Project & Product Manager in Dallas, Texas. She manages the Geek Girl Brunch DFW branch which is a community organization that creates a safe space for women to geek out around pop culture arts., network, and enjoy each other’s company A native of Ft. Worth, TX, Danita transitioned to Dallas over a decade ago volunteering with the Dallas Junior Chamber managing special events, working with companies to throw corporate parties and company wide events.

Danita is the founding director of the smallCon Organization. Wanting to contribute what she can to the community and encourage people to believe at any point in their lives they can achieve success she brought her management talents, her passionate network, and her love of technology together to showcase the talents of women that are rarely discussed.

Executive Vice President

Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly was born and raised in Upstate New York until her family moved to Myrtle Beach, SC. After quite some time at the beach, and one too many sunburns, she decided to relocate to Dallas, TX. While being an AVP and Senior Analyst in the banking industry, she doesn’t let wearing a suit get in the way of her love for gaming or cosplay. Her favorite cosplay usually involves a mashup of Harley Quinn and one of her other favorite characters. Sarah enjoys being involved and giving back to the city of Dallas at every chance she gets which includes being the SVP of membership for the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce.

VP of Outreach

Providence Gee

Providence Gee Headshot

A student by day and gamer by night, Providence’s desire for all things challenging knows no limits: her passion to help people included! Her work includes teaching life skills to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, research in studying word-object relations and the effects of stimulus presentation on learning in children, fundraising for local shelters and half-way homes, and helping run the non-profit organization Geek Girl Brunch DFW by giving women a safe place to express themselves and promote gender equality.

When she is not busy saving the world, Providence spends her time with family and three goofy, but adorable dogs.

VP of Sponsorship

Alaya Swann

Alaya Swann

Alaya Swann is an English Professor at Collin College, where she teaches writing and literature. She also serves as faculty advisor to two student organizations: Active Minds, which is devoted to mental health support and awareness on campus, and the Collin Organized Geek Society (COGS), which provides opportunities for students to share all kinds of nerdy and geeky passions. Alaya’s research focuses on the history of childbirth and women’s medicine from the Middle Ages to the present. During her doctoral studies at Arizona State University, Alaya founded and served as co-president of the university-wide Graduate Women’s Association, devoted to supporting and professionalizing graduate students across all disciplines. In her spare time, she enjoys playing Skyrim and cuddling her dog and two cats.

VP of Programming

Taffeta Darling

Taffeta Darling

Taffeta Darling has been involved in the DFW community for over a decade. She’s a cosplay pioneer and started the all girl Webshow Fangirls that offers the female POV on all things geeky. She’s a founding officer of the DFW Geek Girl Brunch group and loves standing with her sisters in fandom. Although she is (self proclaimed) terrible at math, Taffeta loves arts, science and technology and can’t wait to interact with and learn from the experience that will be smallCon.

VP of Public Relations

Michelle Cooper

Michelle is a content marketer, blogger and Nancy Drew wannabe. She spends most of her time geeking out over marketing trends and trying to convince her friends to start a new blog or podcast. When she isn’t working, Michelle can be found making way too many pop culture references, playing board games, checking out YA dystopian novels from the library, or watching Golden Girls. Michelle hails from the piney woods of East Texas and her personal motto is: Life may be a hot mess, but it is rarely boring.

VP of Marketing

Sandra Frost

Sandra FrostThe best way to describe Sandra is a high functioning, attention deficit nerd. She can never pick just one fandom to geek out on at a time. You’ll often find her working on a new cosplay for an upcoming convention, watching Firefly, Doctor Who, and skydiving on the weekends. Sandra is part of a group known as SIS, or Sisters In Skydiving, where she helps foster the growth of fellow female skydivers in the male dominated sport.

Sandra is also a wife and mom to her equally nerdy husband and son, and firmly believes families that geek out together, stay together. More often than not, Sandra can be found huddled around a table with friends and family, playing D&D or other tabletop games.