Danita Rambo

Danita Rambo

Digital Product Manager

Danita Rambo is a Technology Project & Product Manager in Dallas, Texas. She manages the Geek Girl Brunch DFW branch which is a community organization that creates a safe space for women to geek out around pop culture arts., network, and enjoy each other’s company A native of Ft. Worth, TX, Danita transitioned to Dallas over a decade ago volunteering with the Dallas Junior Chamber managing special events, working with companies to throw corporate parties and company wide events.

Danita is the founding director of the smallCon Organization. Wanting to contribute what she can to the community and encourage people to believe at any point in their lives they can achieve success she brought her management talents, her passionate network, and her love of technology together to showcase the talents of women that are rarely discussed.


September 9, 2017
Digital Now!
9:00AM  -  9:30AM